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Mickey & Minnie Food Treats at Magic Kingdom

If you're going to visit Magic Kingdom this summer then make sure you pick up these new treats featuring our two favorite characters - Mickey & Minnie Mouse! 

Don't miss the gigantic Mickey Celebration Donut now available at Main Street Bakery & Cheshire Cafe! A Mickey Burger and Sipper are available at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. You can also pick up the sipper at Pinocchio Village Haus, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café, Columbia Harbour House, and Casey’s Corner.

What better way to cool down on these hot summer days than with ice cream? You can indulge with Minnie's Cookie Dough Sundae at Storybook Treats or try the infamous Kitchen Sink Sundae at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor but this time it features Minnie Mouse served in a Minnie Kitchen Sink Bowl! Also available at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is the Main Street Split and the Minnie Sundae.

If you are looking for dessert then stop by Columbia Harbour House and try the Mickey and Minnie Whoopie Pie Duo or head to the Main Street Bakery and pick up the Mouseketeer's Cupcake available through August 31.

Here's a list so you can make sure you stop at each dining location and try all the Mickey & Minnie treats at Magic Kingdom:

  • Minnie’s Cookie Dough Sundae – Storybook Treats

  • Mickey Celebration Donut (Vanilla or Chocolate) – Main Street Bakery 

  • Mickey Celebration Donut (Strawberry) – Cheshire Café

  • Minnie Kitchen Sink Sundae with Souvenir Minnie Kitchen Sink Bowl – Plaza Ice Cream Parlor 

  • Mickey Burger – Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café 

  • Mickey Sipper – Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, Pinocchio Village Haus, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café, Columbia Harbour House, and Casey’s Corner 

  • The Main Street Split – Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

  • Minnie Sundae – Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

  • Mickey and Minnie Whoopie Pie Duo – Columbia Harbour House

  • Mouseketeer’s Cupcake (Available through Aug. 31) – Main Street Bakery

News & Media Source: Disney Parks Blog

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