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The Tropical Hideaway in Disneyland Park is Now Open!

The Tropical Hideaway in Disneyland Park is Now Open!

The Tropical Hideaway is now open at Disneyland Park! You can find the new marketplace between the Jungle Cruise and Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. The unique eats include bao, Dole Whip (including NEW flavors!), sweet lumpia, and ramen.

You can enjoy your delicious food as you sit on an open-air dock near the Jungle River waterfront, which even adds flickering tiki torches at night.

The marketplace features different themed counters and to get it started let's look at the bao counter. An old boiler heats up the warm hand-held food which includes varieties such as Spiced Vegetable Bao filled with chickpeas and braised vegetables and Bulgogi Beef Bao filled with sweet chilies and potatoes.

At the fruit whip counter, you’ll see some new Dole Whip flavors, including orange and raspberry, as well as the classic pineapple flavor.

The other counters offer Sweet Lumpia or the Chilled Ramen Shaker. The chilled ramen includes fresh vegetables, ramen noodles, togarashi cashews, and Asian vinaigrette dressing.

Other options include baked potato chips, onion chips, organic chickpea puffs, and plantain chips. Cold beverages are also available including soft drinks, coconut water, tea, and even the infamous mango orange juice!

Watch the video below as the Disney Parks Blog met up with Michael Dobrzycki, an art director with Walt Disney Imagineering, who provides an inside look at some of the details of the new space and also introduced us to Rosita!

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