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New Adventureland Treehouse Opens at Disneyland Nov. 10, 2023

New Adventureland Treehouse Opens at Disneyland

The Adventureland Treehouse inspired by Walt Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson will open on Nov. 10, 2023, at Disneyland Resort.

Within the tree you’ll find the mother’s music den, the sons’ nature room and the daughter’s astronomer’s loft. On the ground will be a kitchen and dining room, plus the father’s art studio that will display hand-drawn sketches and paintings of each room.

As the story goes, the family built an oasis among the trees inspired by nature and using objects found around them.

New Adventureland Treehouse Opens at Disneyland

Adjacent to the stairwell is the iconic waterwheel, which is powered by a small brook nearby. The family created a pulley system to deliver water from the stream high up into the tree, generating the energy needed to activate many of their gadgets and inventions.

The new treehouse invites guests to climb up the stone stairway and explore their treetop home - will you be exploring at Disneyland soon?


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