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Singing Wheezy Comes To Life at Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World

Imagineers have brought Wheezy, the toy penguin from Toy Story, to life at Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World. Wheezy was introduced to fans in “Toy Story 2" when Woody’s arm is torn and he’s placed on a shelf and meets Wheezy, a penguin toy with a broken squeaker. Wheezy reappears at the end of “Toy Story 2” – with a new, working squeaker – singing “You’ve Got A Friend In Me.”

At Toy Story Land, guests will be able to see our favorite penguin, Wheezy, during their ride on Slinky Dog Dash. At the end of the ride, Wheezy will serenade you with “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” assisted by Mike (the tape recorder), who’s provided him with a microphone, and Mr. Spell, who “texts” funny commentary.

Take a look at the video below of Wheezy being installed at Toy Story Land set to open June 30 at Hollywood Studios.

News & Media Source: Disney Parks Blog



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