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Mickey Themed Ice Cream Treats to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

Mickey ice cream

Today is one of my favorite holidays - National Ice Cream Day! Let's celebrate by looking at some Mickey-themed ice cream treats at Disney Parks.

#1 - Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar - The Mickey Bar is one of the most iconic Disney treats ever and a favorite among many guests. It can be found at all of the Disney parks and resorts around the world!

#2 - Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Sandwich - The ice cream sandwich is also a favorite treat and can be found at most snack carts throughout our parks and resorts.

Mickey ice cream

#3 - Mickey’s Kitchen Sink - This fun frozen treat can be found at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. At Magic Kingdom Park you can find it at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and you get to choose the flavor of two hand-scoops of ice cream! It is topped with hot fudge, peanut butter or caramel, and then a health dose of whipped cream. In Disney California Adventure Park you can get it at Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream. They west coast version is inspired by Mickey’s friend, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The sundae comes with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge, chocolate chips, cherries, and two chocolate-dipped bananas.

Mickey ice cream

#4 - Mickey & Minnie Mouse Sundaes - you can stop by Clarabelle’s to try the Mickey and Minnie Mouse Sundaes. Perfect for a couple of friends, these sundaes come with vanilla, chocolate, or Swirl Dannon Soft-Serve Frozen Yogurt, chocolate candies, and either a red bow tie or a polka dot bow.

#5 - Mickey-themed Cookies 'n Cream Funnel Cake - Stop by the Oasis Canteen at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to try a Mickey-themed Cookies ‘n Cream Funnel Cake. The funnel cake is topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, cookies ‘n cream crumbles, two cookie ears, hot fudge, and powdered sugar! Remember, calories don't count on vacation!

#6 - Ice Cream Cone - Some days you just want a simply ice cream cone and you can get one at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor at Magic Kingdom and they can even add some adorable ears. This month’s ice cream flavor is a personal favorite, peanut butter! And you didn't hear it from me but August’s flavor is going to be Fudge Tracks!

For the true Mickey Ice Cream Bar fan there is even some new merchandise that you can pick up at Disney Parks! The newest accessory, the Mickey Bar Headband let's you show everyone that you are here for the snacks! Mickey Bar magnets, pet squeaky toys, plush, shirts, and a phone case are all available for your to share your love of ice cream.

News & Media Source: Disney Parks Blog



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