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Woody's Lunch Box Menu Sneak Peek

Opening June 30, Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land will dish up all sorts of sandwiches and sides that blend classic flavor combinations with a modern twist. The team at Flavor Lab at Disney World provides commentary and a sneak peek of the new menu coming soon!

“Everyone has a special food memory, so it can be tricky putting a modern spin on the favorites,” explained Lenny DeGeorge, Concept Development Culinary Director for Walt Disney World, about the year-long menu development process.  “We honored these classic dishes by using the best ingredients to elevate the flavors. How we constructed the sandwiches was important, such as layering the ingredients in a specific order, to maximize textures and flavors. Why have a cold sandwich when you can have a toasted hot, gooey cheese-filled one?”

Let's start with breakfast:

S’more French Toast Breakfast Sandwich – chocolate ganache- and marshmallow-stuffed French toast topped with graham cracker crumbles. Inspired by the classic American campfire treat.
Smoked Turkey, Eggs, Swiss, Peppers, and Onions on Sourdough
Breakfast Bowl - tater tots, brisket-country gravy, and scrambled eggs.
Banana Split Yogurt Parfait – Layers of banana-vanilla Greek yogurt (with a hint of honey), fresh bananas, strawberries, and pineapple topped with granola and chocolate chips

Let's see some delicious lunch sandwiches and sides:

BBQ Brisket Melt - Texas-style smoked brisket features cheddar, Monterey Jack, pickles, and BBQ sauce on garlic butter-grilled sourdough
Totchos – tater tots, corn chips, chili, and cheese

Monte Cristo with Raspberry Jam

Smoked Turkey, Tomato, and Lettuce on Multigrain Bread

Sides include tomato basil soup, vegetable macaroni salad, and tater tots. Mini Babybel snack cheese, the official snack cheese of Walt Disney World Resort, is also an option to eat with your meal or as an on-the-go snack.

My favorite part - sweets & beverages!

Raspberry Lunch Box Tart garnished with Icing and Dried Fruit and Chocolate-Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart garnished with Icing and Caramelized Bacon

Soda Floats

The Alien Sipper may be purchased and filled with any fountain drink or the signature Mystic Portal Punch – Powerade Mountain Berry Blast with flavors of lemon-lime and tangerine.

Adults can enjoy the backyard with Grown-Up’s Lemonade cocktail (cherry vodka, Odwalla Lemonade, and black cherry purée), beer, or hard cider.

What are you excited to try?

News & Media Source: Disney Parks Blog

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