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Where to Watch the Super Bowl in Walt Disney World

It's almost time for the big game but you're in Disney World and suddenly you realize you need to find a comfy place to watch the Super Bowl. So where can you watch the Super Bowl in Walt Disney World? Good news, there are lots of great options!

ESPN Club - Boardwalk

I personally love the Boardwalk Inn and area. It has so much entertainment to keep guests of all ages entertained so it seemed like the logical choice for watching the Super Bowl, and what better place than the ESPN Club! There are over 100 TVs placed throughout the entire restaurant (even in each bathroom stall!) and on the night of the big game, there will even be seating outside to watch it on a large screen TV. The food is typical bar food, but what else would you want to eat while watching football? Personal favorites to eat here include wings, nachos, loaded tots, & burgers. Well now that we went over the good, we must tell you the bad about the ESPN Club. Seating will be in such a large demand that they will not accept walk-ins, therefore you will probably have to reserve seating and it comes at a price (basically you are agreeing to spend a minimum amount.) In recent years it has been $75 - $100 for guests 21 and older and $50 for guests ages 1-20.

Pool Bar - Resorts

Well you are on vacation so why not hang around the pool in the warmth and watch the game? The pool bars have a TV that you can watch the game at while enjoying some drinks by the pool. Also, if you're kids don't watch the game, they have a great themed pool to enjoy!

ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill - ESPN Wide World of Sports

Watch the game on one of the 7 large screen TVs within the venue and enjoy some pub food such as burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, and wings. The venue has a full bar for guests 21 years and over. The ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill is located within the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and could be quite far from your resort but it should not be as full as the ESPN Club at the Boardwalk.

Splitsville or Boathouse - Disney Springs

Splitsville and The Boathouse have TVs that you can watch the big game on while enjoying delicious food but these venues are first come first serve so get there early! You can make reservations at both venues so that may be the best bet. Also, if your kids or other family members don't want to watch the game, they can go bowling at Splitsville. The Boathouse TVs do not have sound so you won't be able to hear the play by play, but they do have amazing drinks and food!

Your Resort Lounge

The convenient location is the key here if you plan on abiding in a few alcoholic beverages while you watch your team play in the Super Bowl. Your resort lounge may even have a special Super Bowl spread for you to indulge in while watching the game.

Your Resort Room

If you're like me and like to be a couch officiant of the game (which includes loud screaming and perhaps some jumping around) and you don't want the public to know your secret, you can watch the game in your resort room. I also like that I can actually hear the TV while in my room and don't have to worry about the "other team" fan getting on my nerves. Get some to-go-food from your favorite quick service or even better order room service and get comfy in your football-themed pajamas (don't deny it) and settle in for the game of the year!



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