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Walt Disney Company Pledges $5 Million to Support Nonprofits That Advance Social Justice

Walt Disney Company Pledges $5 Million to Support Nonprofits That Advance Social Justice

The Walt Disney Company has pledged to donate $5 million to support nonprofit organizations that advance social justice. The company started their pledge with a $2 million donation to the NAACP to help the organization with their advocacy and education programs that promote social justice by eliminating disparities and racial discrimination.

“The killing of George Floyd has forced our nation to once again confront the long history of injustice that black people in America have suffered, and it is critical that we stand together, speak out and do everything in our power to ensure that acts of racism and violence are never tolerated,” said Bob Chapek, Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company. “This $5 million pledge will continue to support the efforts of nonprofit organizations such as the NAACP that have worked tirelessly to ensure equality and justice.”

If Disney employees would like to impact their communities by donating, the Company will match those gifts through the Disney Employee Matching Gift program.

Disney has worked closely with groups that advocate for and empower communities facing racial discrimination for many years and has previously provided millions of dollars in grants to help students from underrepresented groups achieve their dream of higher education.

On Tuesday night, the Walt Disney Company aired special programming on its TV networks to encourage a discussion of racism and oppression in America, including the ABC News primetime special, “America in Pain: What Comes Next?,” that examined the protests and outrage across the country in response to the killing of Mr. Floyd.


News Source: Walt Disney Company

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