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Tips to Conquer the Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

Walt Disney World Theme Park Tips

You're on your way to Walt Disney World and you are wondering about ways to beat the crowds and heat, avoid mistakes, and have the time of your life! Well here are some tips to have a magical theme park vacation!

Ride the Rides During Parades - While everyone is watching the scheduled parades, go ride the rides to avoid the long lines.  

Don't Forget to Enjoy Yourself - If you're constantly worried about getting the perfect viewing of the fireworks or constantly taking pictures you are not going to have fun.  Live in the moment and sometimes you just have to go with the flow!

Take a Photo of your Ticket - Make sure you take a photo of the front and back of your ticket.  This way if you lose your Magic Band or ticket you can go to guest services and provide them with your ticket information. 

Don't Underestimate the Sun - Florida can be HOT and sunny during every season.  Make sure you bring sunscreen to the parks so you can re-apply.  No one wants to walk around with a sunburn for the rest of their vacation. 

Avoid the Crowds! - There are a few ways to avoid the theme park crowds. First, make sure you try to go to the theme parks during the off-season if you can. A good general rule - if school is in session the theme parks will have less crowds. You can also use crowd calendars to find the lowest crowds on specific days. Secondly, take a mid-day break, if possible. The crowds are normally the highest and the temperatures are the hottest at the theme parks during mid-day. If you arrived at the parks early, you should take a mid-day break to sit by the pool, rest your feet, or even take a nap. You avoid the crowds and heat and get to recharge to get back to the parks later in the day!

Rope Drop- My #1 tip for everyone is to get to the parks as soon as they open (when they drop the ropes).  I know waking up early on vacation doesn't seem appealing but beating the crowds, heat and riding most rides by noon is a lot more fun!  You can always take a mid-day break to relax.  

Walt Disney World Theme Park Tips

Use FastPass+ - Walt Disney World provides a FastPass+ service that lets you reserve access to specified attractions, entertainment and more at the parks with valid theme park admission and has become a priceless perk to many Disney Parks guests! You can secure 3 FastPass+ selections for one theme park per day online or through the MyExperience app, or at a FastPass+ kiosk during the day you are at the park. The FastPass+ reservations secures your entry to the selections for a one hour period. Here are the best tips for using FastPass+

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