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Primeval Whirl Temporarily Closed Until December 17. Could it be Closed for Good?

Primeval Whirl Temporarily Closed Until December 17. Could it be Closed for Good?

The Primeval Whirl attraction is "temporarily closed" until December 17, 2019 according to the current refurbishment calendars but could it actually never return from being offline and be closed for good?

Primeval Whirl was first reported as closed on June 17, 2019 without a reason for closure. It was expected to reopen on August 4 but that was then delayed to September 28. In August, guests who had FastPass reservations for the attraction in October started to receive emails that their FastPass was changed to the DINOSAUR attraction, signalling another delay. The reason for the FastPass cancellation was "an unexpected change in the operating schedule." As of today, the current refurbishment calendars have it being closed until December 17, 2019.

With all of the delays, could the attraction be closed forever? Unfortunately, for guests who love the attraction, Primeval Whirl is taking a similar path as Stitch's Great Escape! which is still listed as "temporarily closed" despite that it has not been operational since January 6, 2018.

There is also the option that the ride would become a seasonal attraction. A seasonal attraction operates only when the crowds at the theme park is expected to be the busiest of the year, such as Christmas and Spring Break. Stitch's Great Escape! was also listed as a seasonal attraction before it "temporarily closed" on January 6, 2018.

Let's not be all gloom for the Primeval Whirl lovers out there! According to multiple sources, the ride vehicles were seen running empty on the track today. We are speculating on a closure and there could very well be a malfunction and it may be taking longer to fix then anticipated requiring delays.

Disney has not released any news or updates on the attraction but we will keep our Minnie Ears to the ground and update you as soon as we hear something!

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