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Pooh Returns to the Big Screen with the New Trailer for ‘Christopher Robin’

Fans of Winnie the Pooh can rejoice as he returns to the big screen in the new movie, 'Christopher Robin.' In the live action adventure Disney’s “Christopher Robin,” the young boy who went on multiple adventures with Pooh and his band of stuffed animals through the Hundred Acre Wood, has grown up and lost his way. Who will help him find his way?

Now grown up, Christopher Robin is stuck in a job where (like most of us) he is overworked, underpaid and facing an uncertain future. He has a family of his own, but his work has consumed his life, leaving little or no time for his wife and daughter. All of a sudden Christopher is is reunited with Winnie the Pooh, now tattered and dirty from years of hugs and play, their friendship is rekindled and sparks something in Christopher Robin's life.

Enjoy the brand new trailer below for the adventure below:

News & Media Source: Disney Parks Blog



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