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Packing Tips for Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

Packing Tips for A Walt Disney World Vacation

You are headed to the most magical place on earth and everything has been made including resort reservations, dining reservations, and FastPass+ selections. What else is there to do? Pack! But what should you pack? Here are some great tips for packing for your vacation to Disney World.

Bring Sunscreen & Rain Gear:

Although it's usually sunny in Florida, there is almost always an occasional rain shower while you're on vacation. Pack some ponchos! You can get ponchos at the Dollar Store and roll them up to bring with you. Even if it isn't raining, the ponchos will help keep you dry when you splash down at Splash Mountain.

Ziploc Bags!!

I don't go to Disney World without Ziploc bags. They are great for packing toiletries and other small items but they are even more helpful while in the parks. You can bring snacks into the theme park and you can use it to cover your phone while going on water rides.

Phone Chargers:

Don't forget your phone charger! Taking photos and using the My Disney Experience app to change FastPass+ selections or check on times for parks will drain your phone battery quickly. If you do forget your phone charger there are portable phone charger kiosks that will provide you with a FuelRod.

Backup Battery:

You may even find yourself in the park without battery power for your phone. I always bring an external backup battery for my phone in order to give me some juice during the middle of the day! I need to take photos and make changes using the My Disney Experience app!

Packing Tips for A Walt Disney World Vacation

Use the Laundry Facility at a Disney World Resort:

If you're staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, you can use the laundry facilities at your resort to get everyone's laundry done requiring you to pack less. You can pack only 4 days of outfits and then do laundry halfway through. The best part is you don't need to sit around waiting for the laundry to finish. Go relax by the pool and the laundry room will send you a text when it's finished.

Bring a Pop Up Laundry Hamper:

Don’t want to do laundry while on vacation? I don't blame you. Still you should bring a pop-up laundry hamper or mesh laundry bag. It can be a hassle to keep your hotel room tidy and a mesh laundry hamper/bag can help you determine what's dirty and what's clean. At the end of the trip just pack all of the dirty clothes in one suitcase.

Comfortable Shoes:

You will walk a lot while you are at Disney World. I'm talking miles and miles. This is not the time to break in new shoes. Bring your trusty and reliable broken in shoes so you can avoid blisters. In fact, I usually bring two pairs of broken in sneakers and rotate so that I don't irritate a specific hot spot and get a blister. There's nothing worse while at Disney World!

Pack Your Children's Daily Outfit in a Ziplock Bag:

Take the stress out of figuring what to wear each morning before hitting the parks early and coordinate the outfits at home and then pack each day's outfit into a ziplock bag. That way the morning of your park day you just pull the ziplock bag out and get dressed, no thinking required!

Bring Pennies and Quarters for Cheap Souvenirs:

Don’t miss your chance to bring home a souvenir that’s as cost effective as it is unforgettable! Discover coin press machines at our theme parks, water parks and many other popular Walt Disney World destinations. For more than a century, coin presses have been creating unique keepsakes... and captivating Guests like you while they work their magic! Easy, fun and inexpensive, the coin presses will flatten any penny—or quarters at select locations—into a unique design for a nominal fee.

Here's a video with tips for packing for your little ones:

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