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VIDEO: 'The Mandalorian' Season Two Trailer Released!

The Mandalorian Season Two Trailer Released!

"Wherever I go he goes."

Yes, bring back Baby Yoda! Season two of The Mandalorian is set to premier on Disney+ October 30, 2020 and we have the first trailer for the upcoming season!

In season two, the Mandalorian’s mission is to care for the "Child" (forever Baby Yoda in my eyes) until it can be reunited with its kind. “This is the Way.”

You aren't seeing things, X-wings, TIEs, and speeder bikes can be seen in the trailer! Are the fighters here to help or could it be something else?

We will have to wait to see how the clan of two makes out in Season two on October 30!

The Mandalorian Season Two Trailer Released!


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