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Lululemon Store Coming to Disney Springs in 2020

Lululemon Store Coming to Disney Springs in 2020

A lululemon store is coming to Disney Springs in 2020! Lululemon sells yoga, running, cycling, training and other athletic apparel for women and men. The new store at Disney Springs looks to be going where the Trophy Room location was in Town Center.

Lululemon strives to be more than just an athletic store. "We wanted to create a community hub where people could learn and discuss the physical aspects of healthy living, mindfulness and living a life of possibility. It was also important for us to create real relationships with our guests and understand what they were passionate about, how they liked to sweat and help them celebrate their goals. Today, we do this in our stores around the globe."

An official opening date has not been released yet but it is anticipated to open in 2020.




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