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LIVE UPDATES: Walt Disney World's Reopening Presentation

LIVE UPDATES: Walt Disney World's Reopening Presentation

UPDATE 11:26 AM: Walt Disney World's reopening plan is approved by the Task Force.


UPDATE 11:24 AM: SeaWorld's reopening plan is approved by the Task Force.


UPDATE 11:18 AM: Mayor Demings appreciates the thoroughness and due diligence to reopen their parks safely. Mayor Demings will review and make recommendations.


UPDATE 11:16 AM: Question was asked regarding the use of face masks. Walt Disney World reports to date no issues have been reported at Disney Springs regarding the use of face coverings.


UPDATE 11:14 AM: Field inspections were satisfactory at both Walt Disney World and SeaWorld.


UPDATE 11:12 AM: Jon Weiss, Director Orange County PEDS, presents information about the field inspections at Walt Disney World and SeaWorld that were completed yesterday.

They reviewed employee health screening, guest arrival and ticketing, attraction queue management, restaurant operations, signage, and sanitization protocols.


UPDATE 11:09 AM: Walt Disney World - Social Distancing Squads have been established and the dedicated teams will be at each theme park to enforce social distancing guidelines. Signage will be implemented everywhere to remind guests of general health and safety protocols.


UPDATE 11:08 AM: Communication and education will be conducted to inform guests of new protocols and expectations pre-arrival.


UPDATE 11:06 AM: Walt Disney World - High touch areas such as character meet and greets, water features and playgrounds will be closed.


UPDATE 11:03 AM: Walt Disney World - Face coverings will be required for guests and employees. Hand washing and sanitizing stations will be at locations in theme parks. Plexiglass at points of sale in retail and food and beverage locations where distancing cannot be maintained.

Reduced capacity of theme parks, restaurant, retail, attractions, and transportation. Parades, fireworks, and other events that will create crowds will be suspended.

Temperature screenings for both employees and guest will also be required. Temperature screenings will be at main entrance of the theme parks for arriving guests. Third party screening via contactless, handheld devices.

MyDisneyExperience and MagicBands will help to limit contact points. Payments with MagicBands, Apple Pay and Google Pay will be used to enable cashless transactions at restaurants and retail.

Mobile order at food and beverage locations will be used.


UPDATE 11:00 AM: Walt Disney World wants a phased reopening starting with Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom July 11 and Epcot and Hollywood Studios on July 15!

Several days prior to the official reopening to the public there will be cast previews and soft openings for select audiences. This will provide a "thoughtful ramp up" to the official opening date.

A new theme park reservation system will be implemented to control capacity. It will require guests to obtain a reservation prior to park entry. More details will be provided by Walt Disney World in the future.


UPDATE 10:59 AM: Walt Disney World is presenting!


UPDATE 10:57 AM: SeaWorld - single rider lines will be removed. Modified seating on rides and attractions for physical distancing. Waterpark attractions will still be operational but guest capacity will be limited and no unfamiliar guests will be grouped together. Lounge chairs will be placed for physical distancing.


UPDATE 10:54 AM: SeaWorld will have markings for distancing at all open animal viewing spaces. Certain tours and interactions will be restricted to one party at a time. Other animal interactions will be modified and the frequency of cleaning will be increased.


UPDATE 10:52 AM: SeaWorld will be scanning tickets through plexiglass at turnstiles. No finger scanning.


UPDATE 10:51 AM: SeaWorld is requiring face coverings for guests and employees, physical distancing, and temperature screening for guests and employees.


UPDATE 10:47 AM: SeaWorld is asking to open June 10 to employees and to the public June 12. Public officials visited SeaWorld to review the operations yesterday.


UPDATE 10:47 AM: SeaWorld representatives, Marc Swanson - CEO, Kyle Miller-President, and Brad Gilmour-VP of Operations, begin presentation.


UPDATE 10:45 AM: SeaWorld to present their reopening presentation then followed by Walt Disney World!


UPDATE 10:43 AM: Task Force member asks the health officials if inside dining is safer than outside dining. Doctor Vincent Hsu says that dilution of the disease outside makes it safer to eat outside than inside.


UPDATE 10:32 AM: Total hospitalizations continue to decrease. Although the positive testing rate has increased this week from 1.7 to 1.9% this is being attributed to more testing.


UPDATE 10:24 AM: Health officials provided a health update. Total Coronavirus cases 52,255 and 2,233 deaths in Florida. Positive testing rate is 2.8% and there is a downward trajectory of positive tests as a percent of total tests.


UPDATE 10:14 AM: Public comments are being read to the Task Force. Five comments were provided.


UPDATE 10:12 AM: Previous Task Force meeting minutes were approved.


UPDATE 10:05 AM: Roll call was taken for all members of the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force.


UPDATE 10 AM: Orange County Major Jerry Demings provides a coronavirus update on the county.


UPDATE 10 AM: Walt Disney World Senior Vice President of Operations Jim MacPhee will be giving the presentation to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force.


Walt Disney World is presenting their reopening plan to the Task Force and Orange County Major Jerry Demings at 10 AM E.T. today and we will be bringing you live updates. Stay tuned!



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