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FastPass+ 2018: What To Do and What NOT To Do To Get The Best Selections

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

FastPass Tips

Disney's FastPass+ service lets you reserve access to specified attractions, entertainment and more at the parks with valid theme park admission and has become a priceless perk to many Disney Parks guests.  You can make selections as early as 30 days before you arrive and if you are staying at a Disney Resort you have the added perk of making your FastPass+ selections up to 60 days prior to check-in for the entire length of your stay.  There is no additional charge for this benefit.

You can secure 3 FastPass+ selections for one theme park per day online or through the MyExperience app, or at a FastPass+ kiosk during the day you are at the park. The FastPass+ reservations secures your entry to the selections for a one hour period. After you have used or the FastPass+ time has passed for all three selections you can select an additional FastPass at any park.

Now that you know about the FastPass+ program, let's talk about what you should and should NOT do to get the most benefit from the program.



  1. Book Early & Pay Attention to Your Booking Window  - Don't miss out on that big attraction FastPass+ because you forgot what day to book your FastPass.  You can start booking your FastPass+ at 7 AM EST, 60 days prior to your day of arrival if you are staying on property.  Guests staying offsite will be able to book FastPass+ starting 30 days prior to your arrival. The early your make your FastPass+ selections the more options you will have!

  2. Remember Your Park Schedule - At this point you have probably already secured your dining selections for your stay as they opened at 180 days prior to arrival.  Therefore, you have a schedule of what parks you will be visiting on each day.  Write your schedule down before booking FastPass+!  You don't want to have a dining reservation at Magic Kingdom and you choose your FastPass selections at Animal Kingdom for the same time!

  3. Book Popular Attractions First! - Instead of making all 3 FastPass+ selections each day, make the popular attraction FastPass for each day first.  For example, go to your Animal Kingdom day and book the popular Flight of Passage (Pandora) attraction and then go to your Hollywood Studios day and pick the Slinky Dog Dash attraction or other ride of your choosing before booking any other FastPass for any other day.  

  4. Add Additional FastPass+ Selections - Once you use your three advance FastPass+ reservations each day, you can make additional day-of reservations using the mobile app or in-park kiosks. You can only make one additional FP+ reservation at a time. When your fourth reservation is completed, you can book a fifth one, and when the fifth one is completed, you can book a sixth, and so on. Note that you can also add additional reservations at a different park in the same day.

  5. Pay Attention to Ride Locations - Try to limit the time you run back and forth to attractions for FastPass.  You walk enough, don't make it more difficult on yourself.



  1. Book FastPass+ for Children Under 3 - Any child ages 0-2 does not require a theme park tickets and therefore does not require a FastPass+.  

  2. Attempt to Book at Multiple Parks per Day - You are not allowed to park hop with your first 3 FastPass+ selections.  All 3 FastPass selections must be used at the same park! After you have used your 3 FastPass+ selections for a park you can then book an additional FastPass+ at any of the other parks!

  3. Use your FastPass+ if the Standby is a Walk On  - If you arrive at an attraction and the standby line is reasonable then don't use your FastPass!  Thanks to the MyDisneyExperience app you can change your FastPass for another attraction which has a longer wait time. 

  4. Make FastPass+ Selections at Park Opening - The first couple of hours that each theme park is open is the best time of the day for short lines!  Don't waste FastPass on attractions that already have a short line.  Make your FastPass+ selections for later in the day when the park sees more guests.

  5. Don't Give Up - If you aren't able to get your preferred FastPass+ selections, keep looking as park hours and reservations can change.  Pay particular attention a couple of days before the 30 days prior to your visit as many guests cancel their vacation packages before they owe the remaining balance. 



FastPass Tips
  1. Link your theme park admission, vacation package, or annual pass to your account and add the people you’re planning with to your Family & Friends list. 

  2. During your booking window, reserve your FastPass+ selections.  

  3. Visit the theme parks you selected FastPass for and go to the FastPass+ entrance or viewing area for the selected attraction or show during the designated arrival window time.​

Note: Disney does limit your combination of FastPass+ selections at Epcot, Hollywood Studios, & Animal Kingdom.   The tiered system allows you to pick 1 selection from Group A (headliners) and 2 selections from Group B. 

Ready to make your FastPass+ selections? Here's a video to help explain how to do it.

Media Source: Disney World



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