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Don't Miss Donald's Dino-Bash! at Animal Kingdom

Don't Miss Donald's Dino-Bash! at Animal Kingdom

The debut of Donald’s Dino-Bash! this year brings a lot of new character greetings to DinoLand U.S.A at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Donald Duck takes over DinoLand U.S.A. and he's brought along feathered friends Scrooge McDuck and Launchpad McQuack, plus other Disney characters to meet guests.

Chip n' Dale DinoLand U.S.A Animal Kingdom

You can dance with Chip ‘n Dale during a late afternoon dance party celebrating Donald’s discovery that ducks are actually descendants of dinosaurs. Take a look at the video below as kids show off their dance moves and meet characters like Launchpad McQuack and Daisy Duck.

News & Media Source: Disney Parks Blog



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