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Disney's Park Pass System - Day 1 Tips for a Problematic Start

Disney's Park Pass System - Day 1 Tips for a Problematic Start

Well it's only 10 AM and the Disney Park Pass system for making theme park reservations has been a problem for many guests since 7 AM. Guests have had trouble signing in, getting the castle waiting page (also being referred to as the "page of doom") and then finally accessing the online queue to only have the timer consistently restart! I was waiting on the phone with Disney World in order to make some changes to my account for two and a half hours only to be disconnected. Obviously, this morning was not a good start for Disney's Park Pass system and only frustrated their guests in a time when they really could use some help!

Here are some tips to help you try to get a reservation. Although we are not guaranteeing it will work, it did help us and other guests finally get through!

  • Use an incognito webpage. To access in chrome - at the top right, the three little dots and then new incognito window.

  • One tip that seems to be working A LOT is to make a dining reservation at a Disney Springs restaurant (you can cancel it later) which will log you into your My Disney Experience and then cut and paste this website directly into your browser:


  • If you're using Google Chrome, try another browser such as Microsoft Edge.