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Disney Genie App Will Save Guests Time Waiting in Line According to Disney CEO

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Disney Genie App will Save Guests Time Waiting in Line According to Disney CEO

During the quarter 3 earnings call, Bob Chapek, Disney CEO, says the Disney Genie application will create a more personalized experience for guest and they will spend less time waiting in line.

Disney Genie is expected to make planning easier and more fun by providing you with customized itineraries and the ability to tell Disney Genie what you’d like to experience, and it will quickly evaluate the options and provide you with the perfect plan for the parks. Chapek says the new app is "MyMagic+ on steroids."

"This is going to revolutionize our guest experience. Guests are going to spend less time waiting and more time having fun in our parks with a dramatically improved guest experience. That's going to make their navigation of their day and their planning of their day much easier. Essentially, what it's going to do is take the consumer preferences that we know from our consumers, given what we know from them and blend that with basically industrial engineering data that we've got in terms of how our park is operating that day and meld those together to make suggestions on the fly that not only will lead to that improved guest experience, but at the same time lead to substantial commercial opportunities for us as the guest navigates their days."

As soon as we have more updates regarding the Disney Genie application we will share them!



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