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Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, Believes Masks Will be Likely at Disney Parks in the United States

Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, Believes Masks Will be Likely at Disney Parks in the United States

Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, spoke with CNBC today regarding the reopening of Shanghai Disneyland and what could be expected for new policies at Disney Parks in the United States including the requirement of masks for guests.

Chapek began the interview discussing the success and pent up anticipation for the reopening of Shangahi Disneyland. Although Disney constrained the amount of tickets available for Shanghai Disneyland to limit the crowds and promote social distancing, most of the tickets for the entire week have already sold out. Chapek says this is "indicative of the love that consumers have for our brand across the world."

Shanghai Disneyland is operating at 30% of the former capacity and has implemented safeguards in place that include temperature screenings, no parade or fireworks, and no close up character photos. When asked how long these safeguards are sustainable, Chapek responded, "Well I look at this as a stairstep. We're going to be very conservative, very prudent, very disciplined about how we open up and then we're going to ramp up."

Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, Believes Masks Will be Likely at Disney Parks in the United States

The conversation then turned to the parks in the United States, when asked if there was a timeline for opening the parks, Chapek states, "We're not going to comment on any date. To a certain extent it will depend on the guidance we get from the federal government, the state government, the local government, health care experts. As well as, you know, the immediate hospitals that are in the area of where we operate and what the capacities are. But I think it's a good sign that Disney Springs will open in Orlando."

In response to a question asked by CNBC as to what is the key measures that are needed in order to get the parks up and operational in the U.S., Chapek says, "You know, along with social distancing, one of the things that we're likely going to require is masks for the casts and guests. I think the masks for the guests will be something that culturally is different."

Chapek explains that in Asia it is fairly commonplace, even before COVID-19, for guests to walk around with masks. He understands that "this is not the case in the U.S. so that will be something that will be a little trying, I think, for some guests particularly in the hot humid summers that we tend to have."

Although there has been speculation for weeks on whether Disney Parks in the U.S. will require guests to wear masks, this interview confirms that masks are being considered and will probably be required for all guests.

The issue of face masks for Disney Parks is a hot topic for guests planning on visiting the parks in the United States. The Walt Disney World Resort, including the water parks, Disney Springs, ESPN Wide World of Sports and its designated roadways, walkways, and parking areas are all private property, giving Disney the sole and absolute discretion to implement any policies or other safety protocols that they see fit.

As soon as we hear more information regarding the mask policy and when and where they will be required we will provide an update.


News Source: CNBC

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