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A Year of Innovative and Creative Products from Disney Parks Merchandise

This year was filled with new creative and innovative merchandise products created for Disney Parks. Here's a look at the most popular products at Disney Parks this year:

1. Interactive Banshees from Pandora - the Banshees have won multiple awards for their innovative technology. You can select from among 10 unique styles at Windtraders. Each banshee has authentic sounds and includes three ranges of motion – mouth, head, and wings – that are controlled by hand.

2. Create & Personalize Your Own Avatar Action Figure - Using state-of-the-art facial scanners, you can select their avatar’s eye color, facial striping pattern, hairstyle and more. Minutes later, you receive a pose-able action figure presented in special packaging.“We thought guests would love to see what they look like as a human/Na’vi hybrid,” explained merchandiser Cody Hampton.

3. The Dress Shop collection arrived at Disney Parks - Now open in the Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs, you can purchase dresses that include Disney attractions and characters. “The dress styles are classic in design and contain incredible little details,” said merchandiser Donna Sorrow. “All the styles have modern fits which make them wonderful outfits to wear when visiting Disney Parks.”

4. Made with Magic 3.0: Connected Ear Hats - Guests can now enjoy the magic of Disney Parks at home with the release of the Bluetooth enabled Made with Magic: 3.0 Connected Ear Hat.

5. Headbands For Every Season - including Rose Gold! - Everywhere you walk at Disney Parks you see guests wearing headbands and now Disney is making it even easier to customize your look with interchangeable themed bows.

What was your favorite new product in 2017?

News Source: Disney Parks Blog



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