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Money Saving Tips

Is it possible to go to Walt Disney World on a budget?

If you put in a little bit of time and follow these rules you will be saving money in no time!


1. Discounted Tickets - Disney provides discounts for certain memberships (military families, AAA, Florida residents). So make sure you check your options before purchasing for full price. 


2.  Multi-day Tickets - Disney very rarely offers discounted one-day tickets but they do offer discounts if you purchase tickets for more than one day.  The longer you stay, the less you pay.  For example: 

3. Annual Passes May Be Less Expensive - If you visit WDW more than once a year it may be cheaper to purchase an annual pass rather than multi-day tickets.  Plus you get additional discounts as an annual pass holder!


Travel/Vacation Packages

1. Disney provides discounts on certain vacation packages and may even include free dining! Before finalizing plans always check Disney's offers

2.  Visit Disney in Low Season - If you are able to visit Disney during what they considered their "value season" you will be able to save a lot of money at the Disney resorts.


3. Don't rent a car!  If you don't have a rental car in the budget and you are only planning on visiting WDW and staying on Disney property there are plenty of transportation options to get you to wherever you would like to go!

4. Discounted Disney Gift Cards - You can pay for nearly all of your Disney expenses with Disney gift cards and certain retailers sell discounted gift cards.  For example, if you have a Target Red Card you could purchase Disney gift cards with a 5% discount.  You can always combine this with travel deals and really add up the savings!

5. Plan a Free Day - take a day or two off from constantly visiting parks.  You save on park tickets and you give your kids and your feet a break.  There are plenty of free things to do at Disney!

Theme Parks

1. Bring your own snacks! - Theme park snacks have quite the up charge due to convenience.  You can avoid paying these outrageous costs by bringing your own snacks inside the park. 


2.  Keep those receipts! - Occasionally, your receipt from a dining/shopping venue may actually have a same-day offer included.

3. Get your photo taken for free - Although the Photopass photographers are there to take a professional photo for a cost, most photographers are more than willing to take an additional photo with your own phone camera. 

4. Save on toys and keepsakes! - Theme park toys and keepsake costs can add up quickly.  Try to offset some of these costs by purchasing toys online or at dollar stores and bring them on vacation with you. You will save money and the kids will still be surprised!

5. Pressed Pennies - The cheapest souvenirs are the pressed pennies.  There are penny pressing machines throughout Walt Disney World.  Encourage your kids to collect pressed pennies, it will save you money and still be fun!

6. Pre-purchase Ponchos - Chances are it will rain at Disney, so purchase your ponchos at a discount store and pack them in your suitcase.  This way you aren't paying the premium price of $8-9 to buy it in the park. 

Theme Parks


1. Do NOT Purchase Water - All counter & quick service restaurants provide ice water for free.  Do not waste $4 on bottled water!

2.  Determine if the Dining Plan Actually Saves you Money - Research the menus & pick what you would eat at each restaurant that you intend on visiting.  Add up your costs and then compare it to the cost of the Disney Dining Plan. Make sure you include out-of-pocket costs in addition to the Dining Plan, i.e. tips & alcoholic beverages


3. Order Groceries to Your Room - Rather than purchase staples items such as milk, bread, breakfast at the costly resort stores have it delivered to your room.  You can use services such as: Instacart, Amazon, or Garden Grocery.

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