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Video: Bringing Toy Story Land To Life at Night

Take a look at the video below to see the first night the Toy Story Land project team tested the amazing nighttime audio and lighting effects.

Toy Story Land combines vibrant lighting with fun music and special effects that when combined together keep the land looking playful into nighttime. Imagineer Ryan Wineinger, describes seeing Toy Story Land light up for the first time and how it wowed the project team.

“When you’re collaborating with Show Lighting and Pixar and composers, you think you understand just how dynamic it’s going to be when it comes together,” Ryan said. “But frankly nothing can really prepare you for the moment when you see all of that come together in harmony like it has tonight.”

According to Imagineer Dave Miniciello, experiencing the land’s two new attractions after dark provides a whole new perspective.

“Riding Slinky Dog for the first time and riding tonight with the lighting and special effects and audio was so exciting,” Dave said. “After so many years of developing the different pieces, seeing it here in Toy Story Land all together with the Pixar team has been monumental for us.”

News & Media Source: Disney Parks Blog



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