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Reservations Now Open for Oga's Cantina, Savi's Workshop & Droid Depot at Walt Disney World!

You can now make reservations for Oga's Cantina, Savi's Workshop & the Droid Depot at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Walt Disney World! Get to a computer fast!

At Oga's Cantina you can savor the newest out-of-this-world concoctions. This infamous watering hole serves as the hangout spot for all of the locals as well as smugglers, bounty hunters, and the musical droid, DJ R-3X! Here you’ll find a variety of specialty beverages with alcohol for the fully-grown Jedi and bounty hunters out there. The specialty beverages with and without alcohol are served throughout the day. There’s even a few morning specialties like the Bloody Rancor made with vodka, chile liqueur, spicy Bloody Mary mix, and a rancor bone cookie.

At Savi's Workshop you can customize your own legendary lightsaber and become one with the Force. A group known as the “Gatherers” ushers you into a covert workshop packed with unusual parts, whimsical pieces and miscellaneous memorabilia collected from the far reaches of the galaxy. Under their guidance, you can construct your very own lightsaber and bring it to life through the power of kyber crystals. Builders beware—you must protect the shop’s secrecy to avoid being discovered by the First Order!

At the Droid Depot you can build your own droid at Black Spire Outpost’s industrial depot. Visit a workshop stocked with parts, chips, manuals and other tech items useful for constructing your very own droid, one of the galaxy’s most indispensable sidekicks. 

First, register your choice of the BB-series unit or R-series unit with the clerk, who’ll provide a basket and blueprint for parts. Next, proceed to the following stations and begin your droid-building experience.

Which new adventure will you be taking at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge which opens August 29, 2019 at Walt Disney World Resort?



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