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Do You Know the 13 Ghoulish Ghosts that Haunt the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park?

To celebrate 50 years of happy haunts at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park we are going to introduce you to the 13 ghoulish ghosts that haunt the delightfully unlivable abode. Can you name them all?

Haunted Mansion Disneyland Madame Leota

Madame Leota, the figure head in the Mansion, has ominous power and presence. She is the connection between you and the spirit world. Leota is found floating in the dead center of a séance circle, calling out for “serpents and spiders, tail of a rat.” 

Haunted Mansion Disneyland Hatbox Ghost

The Hatbox Ghost briefly appeared in the Haunted Mansion when the attraction first opened, but then mysteriously vanished, only to reappear in 2015. His favorite hatbox from his extensive collection is lined with deep mauve velveteen and he believes it’s best viewed from inside. As you creep by in your buggy, watch as the Hatbox Ghost loses his head and see it reappear inside his hatbox!

Haunted Mansion Disneyland Phantom Five

The Phantom Five -Rolo Rumkin, Uncle Theodore, Cousin Algernon, Ned Nub and Phineas Pock—are the singing quintet found in the graveyard of the Haunted Mansion. Their melodious voices are cheerfully harmonizing to the attraction’s theme song, “Grim Grinning Ghosts (The Screaming Song).” 

Haunted Mansion Disneyland Hitchhiking Ghosts

The Hitchhiking Ghosts—Ezra Beane, Professor Phineas Plump and Gus—are always trying to find a way out of the Haunted Mansion. As your Doom Buggy enters the mausoleum, the three hitchhiking ghosts stand at the bend, looking for a ride out. As you turn the corner, you may see their reflection in a mirror as they make themselves right at home and take a seat with you in your Doom Buggy.

Ezra, considered the leader of the three, is the tallest of the hitchhiking trio and lived his life as a vagabond.

Phineas Plump traveled the country hocking snake oil at train depots. He crossed over to the spirit realm while experimenting with a new miracle concoction and still keeps his trusty carpet bag by his side, eager to make another sale.

Gus served most of his time for a crime he did not commit. You can easily tell that the poor pint-sized phantom is no criminal mastermind. His playful innocence is apparent as he always looks at the bright side of the afterlife.

Haunted Mansion Disneyland Constance

Constance the bride adorned with pearls—one string for each of her marriages. Her five husbands each met their untimely demise, leaving Constance a widow over and over. She is featured in many portraits throughout the mansion but she greets you in the attic surrounded by her past five marriages' memories. You can find her reciting her ominous vows with an axe that appears in her hands. Look around and you may just see her departed grooms, all of whom have disappearing heads.

Haunted Mansion Disneyland Victor Geist

Victor Geist, the organist who plays the Haunted Mansion’s signature tune in the ballroom as dozens of ghoulish banshee heads float out of his organ like visible musical notes. You can see Victor playing his music in the Grand Ballroom as you witness a ghostly party.

Lastly, the Ghost Host, one of the 999 happy haunts who call the Haunted Mansion home, welcomes “foolish mortals” into the attraction. He is heard, but never seen throughout the attraction.

Will you be visiting the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Resort to celebrate the 50th anniversary? As you know there's always room for one more.

News & Media Source: Disney Parks Blog

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