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Disney CEO Says Parks Are Operating at 25% Capacity

Disney CEO Says Parks Are Operating at 25% Capacity

Bob Chapek, Disney CEO, stated in an interview today with CNBC that Walt Disney World theme parks are operating at a 25% capacity as a result of the COVID pandemic and the CDC social distancing guidelines.

We have been in the parks recently and it definitely seems like the crowds have increased but if you take the overall capacity of Magic Kingdom park of roughly 90,000 guests and realize that 25% capacity is 22,500 guests it would make sense.

Prior to September & October the crowds were relatively low around 10,000 - 15,000 guests, as travelers were cautious about the pandemic. So although there is an obvious increase in crowds the last two months as guests become more comfortable with the healthy and safety precautions, it still could be capped at the 25% capacity.



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