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Connections Café & Eatery Now Open at EPCOT

Connections Café & Eatery Now Open at EPCOT

Connections Cafe and Eatery, the new fast-casual restaurant’s is now open at EPCOT. The restaurant features nods to Walt Disney’s original plans for EPCOT and includes two distinct experiences all under one roof – an eatery on one side serving lunch and dinner menus, and a café and pastry shop on the other open all day long. Yes, that's correct all you fellow coffee lovers - this is where the new Starbucks is located at EPCOT.

What makes the new eatery unique is it gets its inspiration from the delicious cuisines from across the globe. Worldwide sandwiches include the French Bistro Burger with caramelized onions, bacon, and brie to the Southwestern Burger featuring a roasted chipotle-corn salsa and guacamole spread! You also can’t go wrong with the Vietnamese-inspired Banh Mi Burger or the Greek-inspired Mediterranean Burger. You’ll want to try each dish.

Connections Café & Eatery Now Open at EPCOT

There are also salad options and pizza options. The Niçoise-style Salad has potatoes, white and green beans, and olives drizzled with a delicious Dijon vinaigrette. For an Asian twist, get the General Tso Chicken Salad featuring ingredients like broccoli slaw, red bell pepper, mandarin oranges, and crispy wontons. For pizza lovers, don't miss the Curry Spice Pizza topped with carrots, potato, peas, and lime “yogurt” puts a new plant-based twist on the classic pizza.

One of our favorite features of Connections Cafe & Eatery is actually the floor. There are three original floor inlays inspired by Walt’s 1966 “Florida Project” site plans, where EPCOT was to serve as the literal and conceptual “center” of Walt Disney World.

Connections Café & Eatery Now Open at EPCOT

Will you stop by new Connections Café and Eatery the next time you're at EPCOT?


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